Top fashionable gifts that will make any man smile

Posted in Gifts on February 15th, 2013
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In case you are planning to splurge to impress your man on his special day, check out our list of some of the high-end gifts you can send his way:

Adrian Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Shell out 545 quids and you can get this masculine, minimalist, and effortlessly stylish Adrian Sunglasses by Tom Ford. They are perfect if you want to give your man an accessory he can use any time, any where. The brand was launched back in 2005 and has been known for dropping the gimmicky features and flashy logos and opting for the classic designs that really work. Tom Ford has also been known to go for sleek minimalism and very well-chosen details.

You can get the Adrian in dusty pink or blue lenses and it goes really well with your man’s well-cut suit or even with his rough casual get up.

Vintage Luggage


Vintage luggage is timeless and is a perfect gift for men or women. If you are traveling with your lover, a vintage luggage is a perfect choice. It has and will stand the test of time. You can grab vintage luggage from antique shops, internet auctions, or vintage boutiques.

18ct Cufflinks from Links of London

Simplicity says a lot about someone but this simple and elegant cufflinks from Links of London come with some hefty price, GBP 1,500. The cufflinks are made of rose gold with a classic oval design that goes well with evening wear.

Bespoke Shirt

Your man appreciates custom parts for his cool car but he will also appreciate a bespoke shirt embroidered with his initials. Do your homework and you can find the best local designers and brands that can help you get a bespoke shirt for your guy.

Top 5 Jewelry designers

Posted in Jewelry on December 3rd, 2012
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The finest jewelry you can find are crafted by some of the most famous brands in the market today. If you are ready to spend for that special piece of jewelry, here are the brands you should look for:


The brand was founded in Paris back in 1847 and is considered as one of the most respected names in the luxury industry. Today, Cartier is famous worldwide for the finest watches, perfumes, watches, and other accessories.

Faraone Mennella

Faraone creates classic to everyday jewelry pieces to some of the most unique couture pieces you can find. Behind the brand are designers Amedeo Scognamiglio and Roberto Faraone Mennella. The designers take inspiration from their Italian heritage and their eclectic energy.


Gintaren mixes the stories of the old world with the visions of the new world to come up with magnificent jewelry pieces. They usually use gemstones, mysticism from the east and the west, and the natural elements.

Van Cleef and Arpels

The design house of Van Cleef & Arfels takes inspiration from nature and expresses its magic, vitality and poetry through sublime jewelry pieces that exude innovation, craftsmanship, and technical mastery. Their creations usually adorn celebrities and the who’s who of high society.


Some of the finest collections of South Sea pearls are created by Autore. Their creativity pushes the boundaries for the pearl jewelry industry across the globe. For their creativity, the brand has been recognized by different bodies in the jewelry business.

Toys for the big boys: The Simpod 1 Simulator

Posted in Electronics, Games on October 5th, 2012
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SimPod-Simulator Do you love driving video arcades or driving simulators? If you do, then you will fall in love (and drool) with the Simpod 1 rom Simroom. It is a human-sized receptacle that brings avid gamers to another dimension, the world of racing.

The SimPod is a huge Formula 1 simulator that is designed to lock the gamer inside the race track environment using a gul wing door similar to today’s sportscars and a domed gaming screen that gives you a 360-degree view of the gaming environment.

The machine will occupy a big space at home but it looks really nice. The frame and panels are made from a combo of aluminum and silver with features that can be added as options by the consumer.

Who does not want this in his room? The only issue is that you need to burn about $25,000 to enjoy SimPod 1 Simulator.

Top 5 luxury sedans

Posted in Cars, Sedan on July 3rd, 2012
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rolls-royce-ghostIf you want to live a lifestyle of the rich and the famous, you surely want a car that will define who you are. Here are some of the best luxury sedans in the world today:

Rolls-Royce Ghost

You can hardly hear a sound from the powerful V-12 engine of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Its powerplant can bring it from 0 to 62 mph in a matter of 4.7 seconds and can easily reach its top speed of 155 mph. The technologies used for the Ghost is fit for a sci-fi movie like night vision that produces thermal imaging on the windshield of the car to assist the driver. So far, this car is the most advanced the British car manufacturer has built.

Bentley Mulsanne

The engineers of Bentley had a mission to make a car that had effortless performance while still having a lot left in it. All their hard work resulted to the production of the Bentley Mulsanne that sports a 6.75-liter V-8 engine housed in a lightweight chassis. The super sedan is an embodiment of power, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Aston Martin Rapide

If you enjoy driving a powerful machine and looking good while driving it, the Aston Martin Rapide is among the best options for you. The performance is nothing but solid. Step on the gas pedal and you surely can get some roar out of its engine. You will be pressed down your seat when you know how to tap into the power of the V-12 engine that gives out 500 horsepower.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

This is a sedan with the spirit of a sports car. It can make your body pump some adrenaline when you blast from 0 to 60 miles an hour in a matter of four seconds. Its engine can send you to a top speed of 188 mph as it taps to its potential of producing 500 horses. The powerful engine is linked to a 7-speed gearbox made of lightweight materials that also contribute to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Tips when buying your Scotch Whisky

Posted in Scotch Wiskey on April 25th, 2012
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Getting your bottle of Scotch Whisky can be a daunting task especially when you do not so much about this complex drink. Here are some tips to help you appreciate the Scotch Whisky:

Get to know Whisky

  • You can spell it as whiskey or whisky. The first one is used by the American and Irish distilleries while the second is used by the Scottish, Japanese, and Canadian distilleries.
  • There are several types of Scotch whisky like blended, single grain, or single malt
  • Malt whiskies use malt barley while grain types combine malt and grains
  • Blended scotch whiskies consist of a combo of single grain whiskies or single malt whiskies


  • The varieties of Scotch can be Campbelltown, Lowland, Highland, or Islay
  • The region does not refer to the maturation or malting but just the location where the distilleries are
  • Blends are often representative of a good taste of the different regions of Scotland


  • The minimum aging process for scotch is 3 years and is made of malted barley, water, and yeast
  • The flavors will depend on the length of aging and the wood used to keep the whisky
  • The typical casks use are wine casks, bourbon, and sherry with the blends running for 5 to 9 years for aging
  • Brands like Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s, and Chivas Regal subject their blended whiskies post blending process
  • The age of the drink will be indicated on the label but blends will not indicate the individual whiskies used

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This is how the future office desk will look like [with video]

Posted in Electronics, Gadgets on December 15th, 2011
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Aside from hosting poker games at home, I also work from home. I spend several hours in front of the computer to earn a good living and it is my partner in my pursuit of a good life. I stumbled upon this great idea of EXOpc and what can be our office desk of the near future.

EXOpc is set launch their EXOdesk which is practically my dream interactive desk. It is very functional and it really looks good whatever you want to do with it.

The EXOdesk is actually a computer built similar to the Microsoft Surface. It has a generous space of 40 inches on which you can drag, touch, and manipulate objects on your virtual desk.

Click on the video below which gives you an idea that you can make use of apps, feed streams, and tap a virtual keyboard.

According to some reports, the EXOdesk is set for its official launch by next year and will have a sticker price of around $1,299. This sounds like a good deal if you compare it to the new Microsoft Surface which will go for $8,900.

Poker Dining Table Anyone?

Posted in furniture on April 3rd, 2010
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poker-dining-table-2_eg9of_65When it comes to having unique and different furniture, can we talk a little bit about exactly what Lee J. Rowland is doing?  This is a guy that is definitely designing for the luxury and certainly making sure to make all kinds of waves with his newest and greatest designs – like this one.

This little piece of furniture is actually a convertible dining room table that can actually transform right into a poker table, for those big and bag poker nights that your husband plays all of the time.  This is actually the latest technology in luxury furniture and it actually looks pretty neat too.

Right now, it is just over $50,000, which when you think about it is not all that bad!

Victorian Mansion For Dogs — Pamper Your Pet!

Posted in Homes on April 2nd, 2010
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wordd-most-expensive-dog-house-1_ij4p5_65Pampering my pet is by far one of my favorite pastimes.  Why?  Because I am absolutely in love with my animals.  I love my dogs and my cats and when I found out that there is actually a Victorian Mansion which allows your to pamper your pet all that much more, I had to check that out.

This is actually a beautiful, beautiful, breathtaking replica of a Victorian Mansion and it is specifically designed for your dog.  It features hardwood floors, central heating, AC, vaulted ceilings and of course hand-made curtains, some mini blinds and even some expensive wall paper!

This Victorian Mansion is definitely the way to go whenever you are looking to pamper your pet a little bit.

Runco Wall Art — Breathtakingly Beautiful!

Posted in Fashion on March 20th, 2010
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runco-windowwall_dooqb_12If you are a person who absolutely loves art, let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about some of the awesome technology that actually displays art and that is the Runco.  This wall window art is actually designed by a bunch of different flat panel LCD based videos and it makes a tiled sort of look.

Personally, I think that Runco outdid themselves however I think that this particular art piece is absolutely incredible looking.  If you are a techie that is looking for the best décor for their home, why not deck it out in something that is digital and looks awesome?

That is what Runco is trying to offer up via these LCD flat panels!

Porche’s Brand New P’6780 Is Hott!

Posted in Accessories on March 19th, 2010
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P’6780 If you are a diver and you have been looking for a watch that is not only stylish but one that is chic and fashionable as well but you want it in a luxury form, that is what Porsche is ready to deliver.  The brand new P’6780 is the watch of the season and finally, Porsche is ready to take on the ocean, in watch form.

The brand new P’6780 is a new masterpiece that is innovative, beautiful and is actually capable of reaching depths of up to 3,280 feet.  It is made in a stainless steel case and has a titanium bracket that is attached to a rubber wrist strap.

All around, I think that the P’6780 is one of those watches that is not just for the guy that is looking to be stylish, it is for the guy that wants to accomplish things.