Fashionable Bluetooth Headset — Is It Possible?

Posted in Electronics, Gadgets on July 31st, 2009 by Heather
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Fashionable Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth headsets that are out right now are something that are not fashion, not chic and certainly not something that I really want to wear in my ear.  However, there is a cure for that and it is called the Orb.  The Orb is actually the answer to all of my prayers in the Bluetooth department for it is

a piece of jewelry by day and a Bluetooth headset whenever a new call comes in … how neat is that?  We all know that the rich and the richer want to always look their best and I am the same way.  That is exactly why I am so excited for this little baby

Bluetooth ring to be come – 2010 folks!  How it works is that you can wear it as a ring and on the LCD screen, which is tiny but visible, the name will flash of the person that is calling and you can twist it, hook it over your ear and start talking!

This Bluetooth is not only small and quiet, but it is one Bluetooth that you can really hear out of and people can hear you … and it looks awesome!  Check it out, it’s only $125.00!

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