Top fashionable gifts that will make any man smile

Posted in Gifts on February 15th, 2013 by FStyle4
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In case you are planning to splurge to impress your man on his special day, check out our list of some of the high-end gifts you can send his way:

Adrian Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Shell out 545 quids and you can get this masculine, minimalist, and effortlessly stylish Adrian Sunglasses by Tom Ford. They are perfect if you want to give your man an accessory he can use any time, any where. The brand was launched back in 2005 and has been known for dropping the gimmicky features and flashy logos and opting for the classic designs that really work. Tom Ford has also been known to go for sleek minimalism and very well-chosen details.

You can get the Adrian in dusty pink or blue lenses and it goes really well with your man’s well-cut suit or even with his rough casual get up.

Vintage Luggage


Vintage luggage is timeless and is a perfect gift for men or women. If you are traveling with your lover, a vintage luggage is a perfect choice. It has and will stand the test of time. You can grab vintage luggage from antique shops, internet auctions, or vintage boutiques.

18ct Cufflinks from Links of London

Simplicity says a lot about someone but this simple and elegant cufflinks from Links of London come with some hefty price, GBP 1,500. The cufflinks are made of rose gold with a classic oval design that goes well with evening wear.

Bespoke Shirt

Your man appreciates custom parts for his cool car but he will also appreciate a bespoke shirt embroidered with his initials. Do your homework and you can find the best local designers and brands that can help you get a bespoke shirt for your guy.

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