Cell Phones Just Got a Little More Luxurious!

Posted in Cell Phones, Electronics on October 27th, 2009
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finger-touching1Okay, I am going to be honest. This item is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my whole life. It is like every super techno scifi espionage action flick ever. The Finger Touching Concept Phone — need I say more? Well, of course I do!

It is the closest we can get to being bionic these days, really — the phone straps onto your wrist, at which point you can take the whole “Talk to the hand!” concept to an entirely new level.

The phone works by using an actual digital hologram, which actually projects the keypad right onto your fingers; your knuckles act as separators. Unfortunately, to place a call, you have to use that rather annoying “omg, I’m so totally on the phone” gesture with your thumb and your pinkie, but hey, sometimes you gotta make sacrifices if you want to be high tech.

Vertu Has The Only Damascus Steel Phone!

Posted in Cell Phones, Luxury on June 9th, 2009
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vertu-ascent-ti-damascus-steel_jnrxp_48Now that we have talked about Yacht’s, let’s take a trip over to cell phones; as there are a ton of different luxury cell phones available like the Vertu phone.  This phone is honestly cool as hell and it is actually made of Damascus steel.  This steel is forged in the way that the ancient steel back in the day was forged and honestly, I think that this phone looks freakin’ cool as hell!

Now of course, the design is something that needs to be considered, but you really also need to make sure that you think about the phone itself – after all, you do not want to get a phone that looks cool but has no technology to back it up right?  Right!  That is why this phone is truly packed with all sorts of technology.  For example, a QVGA display, S40 UI, GSM/UMTA connectivity and a 3.2 MP camera!

Those of course are just a few examples but really … check the phone out for yourself, it rocks!