This is how the future office desk will look like [with video]

Posted in Electronics, Gadgets on December 15th, 2011
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Aside from hosting poker games at home, I also work from home. I spend several hours in front of the computer to earn a good living and it is my partner in my pursuit of a good life. I stumbled upon this great idea of EXOpc and what can be our office desk of the near future.

EXOpc is set launch their EXOdesk which is practically my dream interactive desk. It is very functional and it really looks good whatever you want to do with it.

The EXOdesk is actually a computer built similar to the Microsoft Surface. It has a generous space of 40 inches on which you can drag, touch, and manipulate objects on your virtual desk.

Click on the video below which gives you an idea that you can make use of apps, feed streams, and tap a virtual keyboard.

According to some reports, the EXOdesk is set for its official launch by next year and will have a sticker price of around $1,299. This sounds like a good deal if you compare it to the new Microsoft Surface which will go for $8,900.

Peewee Herman’s Bike Is Finally Topped

Posted in Gadgets on January 27th, 2010
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flying-trike_How many of us ever watched Peewee’s Big Adventure and fell in love with that crazy bike? Whether we watched it in the 1980s, the 1990s, or just yesterday on HBO, part of us may well still feign for that bike. We want it, we need it, there’s nothing better in the world, that’s the coolest bike that’s ever bee– hey. Wait a minute. That’s not true.

Because then there’s then — Art in Motion’s Flyin’ Trike. Ohhh, that’s right. A Flyin’ Trike. Take that, Peewee!

Among other things, this trike features a 96″ S&S engine, Diamond Cut jugs, and a 5 speed transmission, just to name a few things.

Oh yeah, seriously Peewee, take that and like it.

A New Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Posted in Gadgets, Homes on October 14th, 2009
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coffee-centre-on-wallYou know how it goes. You want a big coffee dispenser, so you can have a lot of coffee — but then you end up sacrificing a whole lot of counter space, and who wants to do that? Even if you are lucky enough to have a metric ton of room in your kitchen, you likely have better things to fill it with than a ginormous coffee dispenser.

That is where the Ariston Built In Coffee Dispenser comes in handy. Great for office use and use right in your home, this dispenser can go right into your wall — and coffee is the least of what it will brew for you. You can enjoy cappuccinos, espressos, tea, lattes, and plain old hot water as well — if, of course, you are willing to shell out upwards of $2,260 for the privilege.

You’ll be Thanking Thanko for the Gorocool Laptop Desk

Posted in Gadgets on September 4th, 2009
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New laptops are a dime a dozen these days, aren’t they? You know as soon as a new one comes out, it will be pretty much obsolete in six months.

However, if you ask me, the Gorocool, a Laptop Desk by Thanko will breathe new life into any laptop — and it will make every laptop out there easier and much more comfortable to use.

It is really about time someone came up with a product like this. After all, laptops are quickly replacing desktops. More and more people prefer having a lightweight, easy to transport laptop.

They do have a disadvantage, though: you typically have no support, unless you actually have your laptop set up at a desk.

Well, the Gorocool Laptop Desk makes that entirely unnecessary. In bed, on the couch, even in a lounge or waiting room, you will be able to use your laptop comfortably. The desk even has a built it fan to keep your laptop cool.

Never Worry about Spilling Soda on the Remote Again

Posted in Gadgets on September 3rd, 2009
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new-sonyIt has likely happened to all of us. You spill a drink on the remote control. Maybe it is tangled up in the bed clothes, and when you fling off the blanket, the remote goes flying into a glass of water, maybe even the dog dish. The scenarios are endless, but the results are the same: either you have to spend goodness knows how much time waiting for the remote to dry out, you go through every harebrained, potentially ruinous scheme you can think of to speed up the process, or the remote just fizzles out and does not work any longer.

Well, the new Waterproof TV Remote Control by Sony Japan may well be the answer to your prayers. At present, they will be available only in Japan on September 10, but we can keep our fingers crossed that soon, the colorful remotes will be available worldwide.

Unique Autosports Pool Table: For The Auto Freaks!

Posted in Gadgets, Luxury on August 12th, 2009
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Unique Autosports Pool TableWhen I think of a pool table, usually the last thing that I think about is going to be auto parts or cars – however, if you are a car freak, you never want to get away from them! 

That is why this particular Unique Autosports Pool Table was created and honestly, it is for those who are deep pocketed and who are love … love cars!  This pool table is actually pure luxury in every form, it stands on a rigid chromed out steal frame that has four radiant chrome rims that are wrapped up in rubber.

The tabletop veils itself in tournament-quality black felt, that matches the overall feel of this particular pool table and it is all about how you play.  When you have this particular pool table anywhere in your house, you are going to attract attention – I can promise you that!

Read a Book and Spy on People

Posted in Gadgets on August 4th, 2009
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spoticam_lampBig Brother is going to be watching you, you know — or else you can play Big Brother yourself, whichever is your preference. Better still, you can do while you are reading. The Spoticam is a new innovation, which incorporates a desk lamp and a security camera. This is brought to you by the great minds at the Antrepo Design Industry.

Is this practical? Well, I myself have use for desk lamps but not so much security cameras. Still, it is has a kind of robotic simplicity, it can fit almost anywhere, the arm is adjustable, and it can sit on a solid surface or be used on the wall. You can choose between a white aluminum model and a pure white one.

It is not for sale yet but keep it in mind to take care of all your illumination and security needs.

Your Love of Coffee Becomes Portable!

Posted in Gadgets on August 3rd, 2009
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twistgardenIf you have always dreamed of having espresso whenever you want it without having to pay Starbucks prices, then dream no more. The mypressi TWIST is a portable espresso machine, and you can use it to get a shot of caffeine wherever and whenever you want to drink it. And do not worry about the quality; it is most certainly top notch.

The machine works thanks to a unique pneumatic engine, so it runs on the kind of gas cartridges you can find at most stores which sell kitchen goods. You need only add hot water, and you can use fresh coffee grounds or ESE pods.

All it is supposed to take is twenty to thirty seconds, and there is even ad a frother so you can further make mochas, lattes, and drinks of that nature.

Fashionable Bluetooth Headset — Is It Possible?

Posted in Electronics, Gadgets on July 31st, 2009
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Fashionable Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth headsets that are out right now are something that are not fashion, not chic and certainly not something that I really want to wear in my ear.  However, there is a cure for that and it is called the Orb.  The Orb is actually the answer to all of my prayers in the Bluetooth department for it is

a piece of jewelry by day and a Bluetooth headset whenever a new call comes in … how neat is that?  We all know that the rich and the richer want to always look their best and I am the same way.  That is exactly why I am so excited for this little baby

Bluetooth ring to be come – 2010 folks!  How it works is that you can wear it as a ring and on the LCD screen, which is tiny but visible, the name will flash of the person that is calling and you can twist it, hook it over your ear and start talking!

This Bluetooth is not only small and quiet, but it is one Bluetooth that you can really hear out of and people can hear you … and it looks awesome!  Check it out, it’s only $125.00!

What Would You Pay for John Dillinger’s Pistol?

Posted in Gadgets on July 21st, 2009
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dillinger_pistolThanks to the new film starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, John Dillinger is back in the news for the first time since his colorful life and FBI delivered death in 1934.

How is the bank robbing bad boy making headlines again? Well, actually, his pistol turned into a rather hot commodity. It is the ultimate, must have gadget for anyone interested in history, Depression era crimes, Prohibition era heroes, or just good Johnny Dillinger himself.

Unfortunately, only one person in the world can own Dillinger’s Remington .41 Doubke Derringer pistol — and they got it for the whopping price of nearly one hundred thousand dollars.

A private collector in Los Angeles won the pistol for $95,6000. Before then, the pistol went from the Tucson sheriff’s department, to probate, to the Dillinger family, and then to an anonymous buyer — whom, it is said, finally sold Dillinger’s pistol because of his failing health.