Victorian Mansion For Dogs — Pamper Your Pet!

Posted in Homes on April 2nd, 2010
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wordd-most-expensive-dog-house-1_ij4p5_65Pampering my pet is by far one of my favorite pastimes.  Why?  Because I am absolutely in love with my animals.  I love my dogs and my cats and when I found out that there is actually a Victorian Mansion which allows your to pamper your pet all that much more, I had to check that out.

This is actually a beautiful, beautiful, breathtaking replica of a Victorian Mansion and it is specifically designed for your dog.  It features hardwood floors, central heating, AC, vaulted ceilings and of course hand-made curtains, some mini blinds and even some expensive wall paper!

This Victorian Mansion is definitely the way to go whenever you are looking to pamper your pet a little bit.

Dylan Gold Designs Give Coffee Tables a Total Makeover

Posted in Homes on November 25th, 2009
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tableFurniture of all types has been getting extreme makeovers lately, mainly to make the pieces look more modern. And these days, modern more often than not means geometrical. They have space under the tops of the tables, at the bottom, for extra storage for things like books, magazines, and really, anything else you need to store but want to keep close at hand.

This Cornered Coffee Table by Dylan Gold Designs is a wonderful example. It is called simply “Cornered,” and it features space right at the corner where you can keep your things. All told, the table is both function and aesthetically pleasing.

The table is made out of a fiberboard with medium density and is finished in a satin polyurethane. The veneers are customizable for an added touch.

A New Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Posted in Gadgets, Homes on October 14th, 2009
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coffee-centre-on-wallYou know how it goes. You want a big coffee dispenser, so you can have a lot of coffee — but then you end up sacrificing a whole lot of counter space, and who wants to do that? Even if you are lucky enough to have a metric ton of room in your kitchen, you likely have better things to fill it with than a ginormous coffee dispenser.

That is where the Ariston Built In Coffee Dispenser comes in handy. Great for office use and use right in your home, this dispenser can go right into your wall — and coffee is the least of what it will brew for you. You can enjoy cappuccinos, espressos, tea, lattes, and plain old hot water as well — if, of course, you are willing to shell out upwards of $2,260 for the privilege.

Like to Eat Soy? Now You Can Sleep on It Too!

Posted in Homes on September 15th, 2009
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spaldin-soy-bedsSo … this is the Soy Bed. Please take a moment and absorb that. The Soy Bed.

There are lots of beds out there. Many of them are very special, they promise to do many things. And then there’s the Spaldin Soy Bed. Spaldin is a Spanish company which is now tackling the fine art of soy mattresses.

They are made out of biodegradable materials which have been cultivated and processed without harmful chemicals.

There are four different types of Soy Beds: the Aircell Soy, the Biocell Soy, the Sensitex Soy (which sounds a little R rated), and the Memory Soy.

In the spirit of going green, you can assure yourself green dreams too — for one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. Ehhh…

Stephane Perruchon & The Hanging Fireplace!

Posted in Homes, Luxury on August 1st, 2009
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hanging_fireplace_kaouo_12If there is one thing that people who have money are proud of … it is their homes.  Personally, I would love to have a home that looks beautiful inside and out and one thing that I caught sight of on the internet is the floating fireplace from Stephane Perruchon.  Now, Stephane Perruchon is a designer that truly knows what they are doing when they are creating something so beautiful and so interesting.  This particular eco-friendly design for the fireplace is something that is so awesome and pretty … you almost never want to leave it!

Also, if a circle is not the shape that you are looking for, Stephane Perruchon has actually created many different shapes and you can get anything from a square all the way to a hexagonal, which is something that is pretty interesting to look at!  While there is no current pricing on this particular fireplace, I can promise that as soon as it comes through, I will let you know!

Just remember that Stephane Perruchon is the designer and the fireplace is the hanging on!

WaterTherapy: Yes, It’s A Real Thing!

Posted in Homes, Luxury on July 11th, 2009
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WaterTherapyIf there is one thing that I know about besides luxury items – it is going to be how to get yourself out of a bad mood and into a good one.  That is exactly what the Water Therapy can do for you each and every morning! 

Gugliemi is the company that created this beautiful and luxury showerhead and it is actually the very showerhead with 480 LED lights tucked away inside and allows 480 water drops to fall down on you.  This particular shower focuses mainly on chromo therapy.  For those of you not familiar with that, it is supposed to turn your shower into something beautiful and spa-like.

This particular showerhead can honestly create an environment for you that you feel beautiful in, look great and it actually can put you in a better mood.  The lights is something that can really assist you as light therapy is turning into quite a huge and popular thing.

The King of Grills

Posted in Accessories, Homes on June 17th, 2009
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kalamazoo-hybrid-grillIt is officially summertime, and one of the ways you can tell is by the more and more frequent scents and aromas of grilling meat and vegetables filling neighborhoods all over the world during the evening hours.

However, to handle the Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill, you have to be a serious grill master, because this is not for amateurs. Meat, vegetables — everything is guaranteed a to die for, smokey flavor when it is cooked on this 144,000 BTU grill.

The heat comes from the liquid propane system which gives the grill its name, due to the fact that it runs on wood, gas, and charcoal — the perfect mixture for the best taste.

In addition to grilling drawers which change up for different culinary operations, it has an infrared rotisserie and a wok on the side burner.

Of course, you’re looking at $14,700 for this baby, so you better plan on cooking a lot of meat.

My Perfect Bedroom

Posted in Homes, Real Estate on April 10th, 2009

I’ve just found the perfect bedroom for my perfect house in the not-so-distant future. Can you imagine waking up to some slow jams coming from the Bang & Olufsen speakers, taking a couple minutes to get somewhat awake – and slowly walk into your bedroom pool…

I’m so getting one of these one day. I’m saving this pic. No joke!

My Future Bedroom