Do You Love Your Honey This Much?

Posted in Luxury on January 24th, 2010
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my-heartSo Valentine’s Day is coming up next month. You know, every year, people get a little more intense about expression their love for one another. And it has finally happened: you can get your beloved an almost-real heart for Valentine’s Day.

Granted, it will be someone else’s heart, not yours. Who? David Foox, an artist. He has put together a limited edition of valentines. hey consisted of anatomically correct hearts, painted on … X-rays. Innovative? Absolutely. One of a kind? Without question. A little gruesome? Well … yeah, now that you mention it.

Plus they are going to go for three thousand dollars. Each. There are eight paintings. How much to you love your beloved? Enough to spend three grand on a card? How about twenty four thou?

Tub-E Electronic Bathtub — A Bath-Lovers Dream!

Posted in Luxury on January 2nd, 2010
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Tub-E Electronic BathtubIn the New Year, what is the very fist thing that you want to do?  For me – it was take a bath and that is exactly what I did in the brand new Tub-E Electronic Bathtub design by Wild Terrain Designs.  Although this particular bathtub might look more like a bucket, the bucket-shaped design makes for comfortable seating and overall various different adjustment options.

The overall design and the look – that is what makes the Tub-E Electronic Bathtub one of the best tubs in the world.  It has a built-in heater, so you can stay in the tub for as long as you want and it is actually placed under the seat.  You can also set the water to whatever temperature you want – which is incredible.

There are also pinhole LED lights that are inserted in the outer edges and on top of the bathtub to really make the Tub-E Electronic Bathtub sparkle and shine.  It’s the perfect addition to any home with some bath-lovers!

The Beignet Bathtub — Luxury At It’s Finest!

Posted in Luxury on November 21st, 2009
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Beignet Bathtub Now, I am an avid bath-taker.  I take one almost every single night to relax myself and when I found out that there is actually a bathtub that was designed for the future and designed with relaxation in mind, I just had to check it out!  The Beignet Bathtub is actually the first bathtub that is actually able to let you tap into your spiritual side.

It is actually called Spiritual Mode and I have to tell you that the beautifully carved circle shape of the Beignet Bathtub is awesome.  Not only does it make it roomier but it feels different and unique.  The metal taps and nozzles at the tubs base actually provide a gentle water massage – which is good to relax you.

So if you are like me and are looking for a way to relax after a hard day or night – make sure you tap into the Beignet Bathtub!

The Expose LED Bed: Sleep In Luxury!

Posted in Luxury on November 19th, 2009
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The Expose LED BedI have been waiting for years for something as cool as this to come out.  Now I am a girl that absolutely loves LED lights.  I think that they are genius and I certainly can appreciate the designs that they make.  Personally, I think that The Expose LED bed is by far the best invention that anyone has ever really made and the fact that they have night stands to go with it?  Awesome!

This is actually a green bed too and it is made from sustainable materials, which to me really makes it all that much better.  While this set might take around three months to complete, the LED bed is actually handcrafted from rotten teak planets and mixed with white LED light with a blue light effect that is caused by some clear epoxy material.

SO if you are looking for something different and unique – and green, The Expose is honestly the best bed for you!

Forget Ping Pong, This Is Bling Pong

Posted in Luxury on October 26th, 2009
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chrome-ping-pong-tableYou know, some people take their love of and skill at ping pong very seriously … and it might be fair to say that this particular ping pong table was designed especially for them.

We currently live in a world where, for just about every standard item you can imagine, there is also a luxury version — and yes, that now includes ping pong tables. If, of course, you are willing to spend about fifty five grand on the privilege.

Cumulus Studios, courtesy of Nathalie Karg, and Rirkrit Tiravanija, a designer, are responsible for this shiny, blinging piece of sports equipment. As you may well imagine, it is a limited edition piece of work.

It is so limited, in fact, that in addition to being quite insanely expensive, there will only be ten of them made.

Conmoto brings out the cozy moments!

Posted in Luxury on October 24th, 2009
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Conmoto brings out the cozy moments this 'fire season'Now that we have talked about lingerie, let’s go ahead and dive right into one piece of furniture that you are not going to want to forget these season.  Winter is coming up and if you live in the north – on the east side of the country, snow is going to be coming soon and I can promise that you are going to want to curl right up in front of something … why not make it a Conmoto fireplace?

This particular fireplace is actually really cool and it can actually face any direction and you can curl up by the fire.  The great thing – you can actually put it anywhere too, because it is gas.

Conmoto is the maker and this particular fireplace is actually pretty damn cool and I think if you have the money, it is worth the investment.

Aznom’s Black Widow Table: Jazz Up Your Home!

Posted in Luxury on October 3rd, 2009
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Aznom’s Black Widow tableNow that we have talked about the chair in your life, let’s go ahead and talk about the table in your life.  Personally, I am a little dark in my home décor selections and when I found Aznom’s Black Widow Table, I was in friggin’ heaven!  This is a coffee table that is actually inspired from race cars and actually uses race car technology in there.

The Aznom’s Black Widow Table is actually made from aluminum, glass and carbon fiber that match a lot of the different designs in race cars right now.  The name might say that Aznom took the inspiration from the Black Widow spider but the truth of the matter is that race cars were the main inspiration with an addition to the Black Widow spider design.

If you are looking for this particular table – it is going to cost you, I can tell you that.  For example, it is going to cost you at least $19,000 – but it’ll be worth it!

P38 Chair from Owen Edwards: Curl Up In Luxury!

Posted in Luxury on October 1st, 2009
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P38 Chair from Owen EdwardsWhen you think about it – what you put in your home and your home décor really makes a statement about who you are.  For example, if you have gothic tastes, it usually will show up in your home décor.  Also – I believe that everyone has a chair … their own specific chair that is perfectly fit to everything that they need out of a piece of furniture.  My chair?  The P38 Chair from Owen Edwards – this particular chair, shown here is absolutely beautiful!

It is a rocker-shaped design actually allows you to curl up inside of it – you can curl up just like a baby inside the beautiful cushioned interiors.  The shell-like exterior is has been sprayed with car-quality white gloss and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Inside, it is all leather and I have to say that it is by far the most comfortable chair in the entire world!

Unique Autosports Pool Table: For The Auto Freaks!

Posted in Gadgets, Luxury on August 12th, 2009
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Unique Autosports Pool TableWhen I think of a pool table, usually the last thing that I think about is going to be auto parts or cars – however, if you are a car freak, you never want to get away from them! 

That is why this particular Unique Autosports Pool Table was created and honestly, it is for those who are deep pocketed and who are love … love cars!  This pool table is actually pure luxury in every form, it stands on a rigid chromed out steal frame that has four radiant chrome rims that are wrapped up in rubber.

The tabletop veils itself in tournament-quality black felt, that matches the overall feel of this particular pool table and it is all about how you play.  When you have this particular pool table anywhere in your house, you are going to attract attention – I can promise you that!

Gucci Gold Cufflinks: Check Them Out!

Posted in Fashion, Luxury on August 11th, 2009
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GucciIt is no doubt that when you wear something as beautiful as a Harry Winston necklace, there is a status-ship that goes with that.  It is the same when you are wearing Gucci – people look at you different and they feel different about you.  If you are a guy, you normally do not get that status, as many men simply do not wear jewelry brands such as Gucci or even Harry – until now.

Cufflinks are something that has been around for quite a while now and they are something that can truly be beautiful and look beautiful on.  Gucci is a brand that everyone in the world knows and they produce some of the best pieces of jewelry in the world – not only for women anymore but for men as well.

These incredible-looking Gucci cufflinks are a must in the fashion accessory department and to be quite frank, I think that Gucci has truly outdone themselves this time!