Read a Book and Spy on People

Posted in Gadgets on August 4th, 2009
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spoticam_lampBig Brother is going to be watching you, you know — or else you can play Big Brother yourself, whichever is your preference. Better still, you can do while you are reading. The Spoticam is a new innovation, which incorporates a desk lamp and a security camera. This is brought to you by the great minds at the Antrepo Design Industry.

Is this practical? Well, I myself have use for desk lamps but not so much security cameras. Still, it is has a kind of robotic simplicity, it can fit almost anywhere, the arm is adjustable, and it can sit on a solid surface or be used on the wall. You can choose between a white aluminum model and a pure white one.

It is not for sale yet but keep it in mind to take care of all your illumination and security needs.