Your Love of Coffee Becomes Portable!

Posted in Gadgets on August 3rd, 2009
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twistgardenIf you have always dreamed of having espresso whenever you want it without having to pay Starbucks prices, then dream no more. The mypressi TWIST is a portable espresso machine, and you can use it to get a shot of caffeine wherever and whenever you want to drink it. And do not worry about the quality; it is most certainly top notch.

The machine works thanks to a unique pneumatic engine, so it runs on the kind of gas cartridges you can find at most stores which sell kitchen goods. You need only add hot water, and you can use fresh coffee grounds or ESE pods.

All it is supposed to take is twenty to thirty seconds, and there is even ad a frother so you can further make mochas, lattes, and drinks of that nature.