Riding Boots Trend: It’s For Guys Too!

Posted in Fashion on December 23rd, 2009
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bootI have to say that while most fashion trends are for women, I think that the riding boot trend is definitely for men too … as proven here.  Ralph Lauren is the guy behind the riding boots for men and I can not be happier!  Not only are riding boots some of the sexiest boots in the world but you can truly pair them with anything.

Whether you are looking to pair them with just a button up shirt like this guy and some jeans or you are looking to pair them with some jeans and a thermal.  Riding boots are the ultimate accessory and I can tell you that they match everything.

So guys – it is time for you to get on the fashion bus and truly get yourself a pair of riding boots!

Hopeless’s 2010 Lingerie Collection: Check It Out!

Posted in Fashion on December 20th, 2009
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nauticalhotpantsIt seems to me that lingerie fashion is going backwards.  Not only are they bringing hotpants back, but they are bringing lingerie as an outerwear back – which is a sexy – very sexy but I am not sure about this particular collection from Hopeless.

Hopeless lingerie has actually been a brand that I have fallen in love with time and time again but this time – with the nautical goodness that they are producing with a very vintage feel, I am just not sure if I am down with it.

This particular piece is actually pretty hot though … if you are a sailor that is and if you are looking at the rest of the Spring collection, they are all pretty similar to this particular piece.

Spring 2010 Color Trends From Pantone: Check Them Out!

Posted in Fashion on September 11th, 2009
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Spring 2010 Color TrendsWhen you really think about it, spring 2010 is right around the corner – honestly, it is right there and it is going to come up really, really quickly.  To me, that is absolutely mind-blowing because it seems that spring 2009 was just here.  Fall is here now though and soon enough, winter.  However, let’s focus our attention on Spring next year though.  It is going to be hot and the color scheme is something that is certainly worth looking into.

This is the color palette for next spring and I have to say that while bright – they are not extremely and overly bright.  To me, that is something that I love.  I am not all for the in-your-face colors and I think that these are actually really cool.

If you want brash colors, you won’t find them in the spring color palette and I love that!