Poker Dining Table Anyone?

Posted in furniture on April 3rd, 2010
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poker-dining-table-2_eg9of_65When it comes to having unique and different furniture, can we talk a little bit about exactly what Lee J. Rowland is doing?  This is a guy that is definitely designing for the luxury and certainly making sure to make all kinds of waves with his newest and greatest designs – like this one.

This little piece of furniture is actually a convertible dining room table that can actually transform right into a poker table, for those big and bag poker nights that your husband plays all of the time.  This is actually the latest technology in luxury furniture and it actually looks pretty neat too.

Right now, it is just over $50,000, which when you think about it is not all that bad!

Dylan Gold Designs Give Coffee Tables a Total Makeover

Posted in Homes on November 25th, 2009
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tableFurniture of all types has been getting extreme makeovers lately, mainly to make the pieces look more modern. And these days, modern more often than not means geometrical. They have space under the tops of the tables, at the bottom, for extra storage for things like books, magazines, and really, anything else you need to store but want to keep close at hand.

This Cornered Coffee Table by Dylan Gold Designs is a wonderful example. It is called simply “Cornered,” and it features space right at the corner where you can keep your things. All told, the table is both function and aesthetically pleasing.

The table is made out of a fiberboard with medium density and is finished in a satin polyurethane. The veneers are customizable for an added touch.

The Beignet Bathtub — Luxury At It’s Finest!

Posted in Luxury on November 21st, 2009
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Beignet Bathtub Now, I am an avid bath-taker.  I take one almost every single night to relax myself and when I found out that there is actually a bathtub that was designed for the future and designed with relaxation in mind, I just had to check it out!  The Beignet Bathtub is actually the first bathtub that is actually able to let you tap into your spiritual side.

It is actually called Spiritual Mode and I have to tell you that the beautifully carved circle shape of the Beignet Bathtub is awesome.  Not only does it make it roomier but it feels different and unique.  The metal taps and nozzles at the tubs base actually provide a gentle water massage – which is good to relax you.

So if you are like me and are looking for a way to relax after a hard day or night – make sure you tap into the Beignet Bathtub!

Aznom’s Black Widow Table: Jazz Up Your Home!

Posted in Luxury on October 3rd, 2009
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Aznom’s Black Widow tableNow that we have talked about the chair in your life, let’s go ahead and talk about the table in your life.  Personally, I am a little dark in my home décor selections and when I found Aznom’s Black Widow Table, I was in friggin’ heaven!  This is a coffee table that is actually inspired from race cars and actually uses race car technology in there.

The Aznom’s Black Widow Table is actually made from aluminum, glass and carbon fiber that match a lot of the different designs in race cars right now.  The name might say that Aznom took the inspiration from the Black Widow spider but the truth of the matter is that race cars were the main inspiration with an addition to the Black Widow spider design.

If you are looking for this particular table – it is going to cost you, I can tell you that.  For example, it is going to cost you at least $19,000 – but it’ll be worth it!

Stephane Perruchon & The Hanging Fireplace!

Posted in Homes, Luxury on August 1st, 2009
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hanging_fireplace_kaouo_12If there is one thing that people who have money are proud of … it is their homes.  Personally, I would love to have a home that looks beautiful inside and out and one thing that I caught sight of on the internet is the floating fireplace from Stephane Perruchon.  Now, Stephane Perruchon is a designer that truly knows what they are doing when they are creating something so beautiful and so interesting.  This particular eco-friendly design for the fireplace is something that is so awesome and pretty … you almost never want to leave it!

Also, if a circle is not the shape that you are looking for, Stephane Perruchon has actually created many different shapes and you can get anything from a square all the way to a hexagonal, which is something that is pretty interesting to look at!  While there is no current pricing on this particular fireplace, I can promise that as soon as it comes through, I will let you know!

Just remember that Stephane Perruchon is the designer and the fireplace is the hanging on!