Peewee Herman’s Bike Is Finally Topped

Posted in Gadgets on January 27th, 2010
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flying-trike_How many of us ever watched Peewee’s Big Adventure and fell in love with that crazy bike? Whether we watched it in the 1980s, the 1990s, or just yesterday on HBO, part of us may well still feign for that bike. We want it, we need it, there’s nothing better in the world, that’s the coolest bike that’s ever bee– hey. Wait a minute. That’s not true.

Because then there’s then — Art in Motion’s Flyin’ Trike. Ohhh, that’s right. A Flyin’ Trike. Take that, Peewee!

Among other things, this trike features a 96″ S&S engine, Diamond Cut jugs, and a 5 speed transmission, just to name a few things.

Oh yeah, seriously Peewee, take that and like it.

Never Worry about Spilling Soda on the Remote Again

Posted in Gadgets on September 3rd, 2009
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new-sonyIt has likely happened to all of us. You spill a drink on the remote control. Maybe it is tangled up in the bed clothes, and when you fling off the blanket, the remote goes flying into a glass of water, maybe even the dog dish. The scenarios are endless, but the results are the same: either you have to spend goodness knows how much time waiting for the remote to dry out, you go through every harebrained, potentially ruinous scheme you can think of to speed up the process, or the remote just fizzles out and does not work any longer.

Well, the new Waterproof TV Remote Control by Sony Japan may well be the answer to your prayers. At present, they will be available only in Japan on September 10, but we can keep our fingers crossed that soon, the colorful remotes will be available worldwide.