Like to Eat Soy? Now You Can Sleep on It Too!

Posted in Homes on September 15th, 2009
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spaldin-soy-bedsSo … this is the Soy Bed. Please take a moment and absorb that. The Soy Bed.

There are lots of beds out there. Many of them are very special, they promise to do many things. And then there’s the Spaldin Soy Bed. Spaldin is a Spanish company which is now tackling the fine art of soy mattresses.

They are made out of biodegradable materials which have been cultivated and processed without harmful chemicals.

There are four different types of Soy Beds: the Aircell Soy, the Biocell Soy, the Sensitex Soy (which sounds a little R rated), and the Memory Soy.

In the spirit of going green, you can assure yourself green dreams too — for one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. Ehhh…