A New Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Posted in Gadgets, Homes on October 14th, 2009
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coffee-centre-on-wallYou know how it goes. You want a big coffee dispenser, so you can have a lot of coffee — but then you end up sacrificing a whole lot of counter space, and who wants to do that? Even if you are lucky enough to have a metric ton of room in your kitchen, you likely have better things to fill it with than a ginormous coffee dispenser.

That is where the Ariston Built In Coffee Dispenser comes in handy. Great for office use and use right in your home, this dispenser can go right into your wall — and coffee is the least of what it will brew for you. You can enjoy cappuccinos, espressos, tea, lattes, and plain old hot water as well — if, of course, you are willing to shell out upwards of $2,260 for the privilege.