Gucci Gold Cufflinks: Check Them Out!

Posted in Fashion, Luxury on August 11th, 2009
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GucciIt is no doubt that when you wear something as beautiful as a Harry Winston necklace, there is a status-ship that goes with that.  It is the same when you are wearing Gucci – people look at you different and they feel different about you.  If you are a guy, you normally do not get that status, as many men simply do not wear jewelry brands such as Gucci or even Harry – until now.

Cufflinks are something that has been around for quite a while now and they are something that can truly be beautiful and look beautiful on.  Gucci is a brand that everyone in the world knows and they produce some of the best pieces of jewelry in the world – not only for women anymore but for men as well.

These incredible-looking Gucci cufflinks are a must in the fashion accessory department and to be quite frank, I think that Gucci has truly outdone themselves this time!

Love Your Dog? Get Them Made Into A Diamond When They Decease!

Posted in Fashion, Jewelry on July 5th, 2009
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dna2diamonds_3xxvr_48When you are dealing with a pet – especially in today’s generation, it is very difficult to deal with death.  We all know, when we invest in a pet, they are going to die before us but that still does not ever prepare us for their death, especially if it was an early one.  One of the coolest things about technology though is that you can actually make your beautiful pet into a diamond when they are deceased.  By using some personalized DNA carbon taken from a lock of their hair, jewelers can now create a one-of-a-kind precious diamond that you can wear with you all the time.

This is not only for pets either; you can absolutely get a loved one that has passed on into a diamond as well.  The cool thing about this process is that no two diamonds are ever going to come out the same as there are no two people or two pets that are going to be exactly the same, so you will never ever see two diamonds the same.

While this process takes a lot of money, it is absolutely worth it in the long run.  DNA2diamonds is the company that does it and they totally rock!

Limited Edition Audemars Piguet OffShore

Posted in Jewelry on April 17th, 2009
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Audemars Piguet OffShore

One of the most awesome watches I’ve ever seen by Audemars Piquet. This Limited Edition Audemars Piguet OffShore our friends at Jewellery Talk just posted about is worth about $100k, but… it’s THAT impressive too. Awesome piece!

Bose Swarovski Headphones

Posted in Electronics, Jewelry on March 25th, 2009
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swarovski bose headphones

How you like them apples? Headphones with hundreds of swarovski crystals — a sure way of being the blingiest woman, both in the subway and in the dj-booth! Jewelry on your headphones. I LIKE IT!