Victoria’s Secret reveals $3 million diamond bra!

Posted in diamonds on October 23rd, 2009
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Victoria's Secret reveals $3 million diamond braWhile I would not be comfortable wearing three millions dollar anything, I think that a million plus dollar bra is something that is pretty cool actually.  This particular bra is actually a concept of Victoria’s Secret and really, I think that it is actually a smokin’ hot bra … if you have that kind of money mind you.

This bra was actually designs by the Italian jewelry house Damiani and it actually took over 15 artisans about eight hundred … yes, you read that right, 800 hours to craft up this one of a kind bra.  IT has 18 karat gold harlequin-patterned net and embellished with about 2,355 colorless and cognac diamonds.

The diamond that hangs just below though is actually a 16-carat heart-shaped champagne diamonds pendant that dangles right in the middle.  It’s pretty awesome actually.

Just A Hint….

Posted in Fashion, Lingerie on September 12th, 2009
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Hint of LingerieOne thing that I have noticed this season is that the lingerie being worn as outerwear trend has exploded.  While I would never personally wear my bra or panties out anywhere, I think that just a hint of lingerie is a great way to keep with the times, but still keep your self respect a little bit.  Take this beautiful little piece – this is actually taking the lingerie as outerwear trend to the next level.

Just a little hint of lingerie underneath some clothing is just as effective as truly going all out in the lingerie trend.  This low-cut singlet is actually a relaxed summer look that really does play up the lingerie trend for all it is worth … and it looks hot!

So if you are looking for a way to be fashionable, this is the way to do it without fully taking the trend to the extreme!