Conmoto brings out the cozy moments!

Posted in Luxury on October 24th, 2009
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Conmoto brings out the cozy moments this 'fire season'Now that we have talked about lingerie, let’s go ahead and dive right into one piece of furniture that you are not going to want to forget these season.  Winter is coming up and if you live in the north – on the east side of the country, snow is going to be coming soon and I can promise that you are going to want to curl right up in front of something … why not make it a Conmoto fireplace?

This particular fireplace is actually really cool and it can actually face any direction and you can curl up by the fire.  The great thing – you can actually put it anywhere too, because it is gas.

Conmoto is the maker and this particular fireplace is actually pretty damn cool and I think if you have the money, it is worth the investment.

Unique Autosports Pool Table: For The Auto Freaks!

Posted in Gadgets, Luxury on August 12th, 2009
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Unique Autosports Pool TableWhen I think of a pool table, usually the last thing that I think about is going to be auto parts or cars – however, if you are a car freak, you never want to get away from them! 

That is why this particular Unique Autosports Pool Table was created and honestly, it is for those who are deep pocketed and who are love … love cars!  This pool table is actually pure luxury in every form, it stands on a rigid chromed out steal frame that has four radiant chrome rims that are wrapped up in rubber.

The tabletop veils itself in tournament-quality black felt, that matches the overall feel of this particular pool table and it is all about how you play.  When you have this particular pool table anywhere in your house, you are going to attract attention – I can promise you that!

WaterTherapy: Yes, It’s A Real Thing!

Posted in Homes, Luxury on July 11th, 2009
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WaterTherapyIf there is one thing that I know about besides luxury items – it is going to be how to get yourself out of a bad mood and into a good one.  That is exactly what the Water Therapy can do for you each and every morning! 

Gugliemi is the company that created this beautiful and luxury showerhead and it is actually the very showerhead with 480 LED lights tucked away inside and allows 480 water drops to fall down on you.  This particular shower focuses mainly on chromo therapy.  For those of you not familiar with that, it is supposed to turn your shower into something beautiful and spa-like.

This particular showerhead can honestly create an environment for you that you feel beautiful in, look great and it actually can put you in a better mood.  The lights is something that can really assist you as light therapy is turning into quite a huge and popular thing.

Check Out The Schöpfer Yachts!

Posted in Luxury, Yachts on June 8th, 2009
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Schöpfer YachtsWhen it comes to luxury items, nothing beats a yacht.  Honestly, I think that yachts are definitely the best boats in the world and they certainly are some of the most luxurious things in the world.  Take the Schöpfer Yachts.  This incredible yacht honestly trumps every single yacht in the world and it is actually the second design from Schöpfer Yachts.

This boat features everything from a dining room, living room, huge pool desk and even a kitchen that is incredible looking.  The construction of this particular boat is also something that is incredible looking and you can have upwards of twelve people at one time on this beautiful yacht.

So really … what exactly are you waiting for again?  This boat is perfect if you have the money for it!  Just remember Schöpfer Yachts!

Music Bank: Crystal Drums/Guitars Rock!

Posted in Gadgets, Luxury on June 6th, 2009
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So while Lady Gaga can have her bubble piano, if you are looking for a set of drums or even a guitar that is going to be blinged out, you should absolutely take a look at Music Bank.  This incredible brand is one of the few that offers all sorts of people crystallize musical instruments and you do not have to be as big as Lady Gaga to get yourself one of these – it does not cost an entire arm and a leg, just half of one.

However, that shouldn’t matter because this is a luxury blog right?  This is definitely luxury at its finest and I think that if you are looking to start a band and you have money, you should absolutely get yourself some of these instruments, after all – you want to look the best right and capture all of the attention?

So check out Music Bank!  They absolutely rock all over the place!