Do You Love Your Honey This Much?

Posted in Luxury on January 24th, 2010
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my-heartSo Valentine’s Day is coming up next month. You know, every year, people get a little more intense about expression their love for one another. And it has finally happened: you can get your beloved an almost-real heart for Valentine’s Day.

Granted, it will be someone else’s heart, not yours. Who? David Foox, an artist. He has put together a limited edition of valentines. hey consisted of anatomically correct hearts, painted on … X-rays. Innovative? Absolutely. One of a kind? Without question. A little gruesome? Well … yeah, now that you mention it.

Plus they are going to go for three thousand dollars. Each. There are eight paintings. How much to you love your beloved? Enough to spend three grand on a card? How about twenty four thou?