Spinning Your Records in Luxury

Posted in Electronics on June 22nd, 2009
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turntableSome of us still like our records, although we are running out of places to play them. Me, I love my dad’s record collection, and I would steal it in two seconds — if I had some way of playing them, of course. Sadly, my computer will not handle records. Of course, my problems would be solved if I could stumble over fifteen thousand dollars that I do not need to use for anything else.

Because that is the cost of this ELP Laser Turntable. The optical system is completely contact free and the left and right lasers are completely independent of one another. Plus, there is a button on the front of the machine while will allow you to adjust the laser quite easily.

The best parts? If you have a broken record, as long as all the pieces are assembled on the turntable, this player will still play it, and you no longer need to worry about skips caused by vibrations.