Who Says Luxury Can’t be Energy Efficient?

Posted in Electronics on October 12th, 2009
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truled-tv1Even HDTVs are getting new age these days, cats — and, yes, energy efficient as well. Check out the Vizio TruLED HDTV — fifty five inches of TV watching goodness. And yes, it is energy efficient, considered to be a replacement for those TVs which still work on cathodes. In fact, this TV is even a replacement for the new flat screens.

And you know how much those flat screens cost, right? Well, at $2,200, the TruLED HDTV is not really as expensive as some of the others. It is not outrageously more expensive, anyway.

And ideally, of course, price is not going to matter, since the TV has nearly a thousand individual LEDs and boasts a two million to one ratio.

Meaning you will get a sick sharp picture while still somehow managing to be more energy efficient.