Unique Autosports Pool Table: For The Auto Freaks!

Posted in Gadgets, Luxury on August 12th, 2009
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Unique Autosports Pool TableWhen I think of a pool table, usually the last thing that I think about is going to be auto parts or cars – however, if you are a car freak, you never want to get away from them! 

That is why this particular Unique Autosports Pool Table was created and honestly, it is for those who are deep pocketed and who are love … love cars!  This pool table is actually pure luxury in every form, it stands on a rigid chromed out steal frame that has four radiant chrome rims that are wrapped up in rubber.

The tabletop veils itself in tournament-quality black felt, that matches the overall feel of this particular pool table and it is all about how you play.  When you have this particular pool table anywhere in your house, you are going to attract attention – I can promise you that!