Some Of The Best Louis Vuitton Gifts!

Posted in Gifts on February 12th, 2010
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louis-vuitton-valentines-2010-catalog_nlzs3_65Valentine’s Day is coming up ladies and gentlemen and if you have not gotten your gift yet, you may want to take a shopping trip on over to get yourself some Luis Vuitton.  I swear, this is a guy that really knows exactly what he is doing in the way of clothing and jewelry and these are just a few pieces out of his V-Day collection.

That heart watch is something that I have had my eyes on forever and I think that this year might be the year that I get it.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure that you find something that is different and unique and something that your lover does not already have.

Chances are, Luis Vuitton is not something that they already have – so make sure to really wow them this year!

Amosu Introduces Pink Limited Edition Phones!

Posted in Electronics on February 11th, 2010
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Amosu introduces Pink Limited EditionWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day – everything is splashed in deep reds and pinks and phones are absolutely no exception.  If you are looking for the latest phone on the market right now, it has got to be Alexander Amosu’s brand new collection out just in time for V-Day!

This brand new collection is actually something that is splashed in all sorts of reds and pinks and that is what I love about it.  These phones though, let’s talk a little bit about them.  They are packed with all sorts of high-tech stuff and they work fantastic!

If you want luxury and technology combine … along with a little red and pink, this is definitely the collection for you!

Do You Love Your Honey This Much?

Posted in Luxury on January 24th, 2010
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my-heartSo Valentine’s Day is coming up next month. You know, every year, people get a little more intense about expression their love for one another. And it has finally happened: you can get your beloved an almost-real heart for Valentine’s Day.

Granted, it will be someone else’s heart, not yours. Who? David Foox, an artist. He has put together a limited edition of valentines. hey consisted of anatomically correct hearts, painted on … X-rays. Innovative? Absolutely. One of a kind? Without question. A little gruesome? Well … yeah, now that you mention it.

Plus they are going to go for three thousand dollars. Each. There are eight paintings. How much to you love your beloved? Enough to spend three grand on a card? How about twenty four thou?